A1 Conveyancing is Secured by fellow Perth West Australian CyberSecurity products

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A1 Conveyancing has engaged World class Cybersecurity products that have been developed right here in WA.

Aimed at protecting you in your most VIP Conveyancing or Settlement transaction!

BankVault CyberSecurity
BankVault.com (Perth Western Australian startup company) is used to safely and securely log-on to your ONLINE world.
Used properly it securely hides your online actions like login details & password entry. It is able to bypass hackers & sniffers trying to capture your login, password, credit card, bitcoin wallet, etc details.
Especially useful for unsuspecting users doing banking, shopping, etc.
Even on a compromised device and network.
PEXA are yet to adapt for digital signing of their WorkSpace just NOT (yet) able to use their Digital (Dongle) certificate for signing WorkSpaces in PEXA.
Perhaps this will change in the near future…

Settlements+Plus WA owned and bred
SettsHub developed for integration with Setts+ (by local Perth WA company CSolutions Pty Ltd) is a secure portal between A1 Conveyancing and their client.
With additional option to securely verify and validate our client’s bank account details (up to ~5 each client) and securely populate the balance sheet for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) entry via PEXA or wherever you return/direct funds to your customer by account details…

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