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Buying Tips


As a buyer for Real Estate property in Western Australia, you are probably looking for a stress free, no worries deal from finding a property you want, making an offer to purchase, and all the way till confirmed as legal owner (settlement).

If you have found a property being sold that you simply must have, You are within your rights to negotiate and enter into a contract. But once signed and accepted, that contract is legally binding.

So bear in mind that standard Offer and Acceptance can have a small change in wording, or missing one or two words, that can flip your deal into a nightmare. More FAQ here.

Send through your contract here for a quote on your Buyer Christmas in July Special.

Depositing your entire savings egg.

Recent news have seen fraudsters intercept unencrypted digital communications, and result in misdirected deposit, then loss of funds. We suggest a simple two (2) step verification be done.