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Smoke Alarms as part of your alarm system-may not comply with electrical safety laws

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The Building Commission has received a number of enquiries from home owners andproviders of residential security systems as to whether smoke alarms that are poweredthrough a home security system in dwellings subject to sale, rent or hire are compliant withthe State’s smoke alarm laws. What are the smoke alarm laws? The Building Regulations 2012 (the Regulations) in Western Australia require owners of dwellings to have compliant smoke alarms installed prior to sale, rent or hire. To comply with the Regulations,...

Electrical Safety Certificates vs Electrical Condition Reports

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The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) have previously published information regarding the issuing of electrical safety certificates.  NECA has received confirmation via email from the Department of Commerce stating the following:“Safety certificates are not to be issued unless it is installation work as described in the Electrical (licensing) regulations 1991 section 52B. Going to a property and ensuring correct operation and that the premises complies to the legislation is not installation work. The form is an official certificate and...

Fee Deregulation – what it means to you. Beware of hidden extra fees.

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As of 3rd February 2016, the regulation of Scaled Settlement Agents’ capped fee has ceased. Settlement Agents are now able to charge their worth for their services in executing the transaction. The new fee disclosure rule in found in the rule 6B & unforeseen significant change for scope of work under 6C of the Settlement Agents Code of Conduct & Act.  Removing the ‘Maximum Scale’ and de-regulating fees has allowed Settlement Agents greater flexibility to cater to the differing needs of...