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Open Letter to Listing Agents- Tips for a Smooth Sailing contract.

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WITHOUT PREJUIDICE;To whom it may concern ON THE PATH TO EXCELLENCE; This is an open letter to EVERY SINGLE LISTING REAL ESTATE AGENT to PLEASE just get a Building &/Timber Inspections completed at the time of listing a property, so then a Buyer can be provided said reports BEFORE putting in an offer so they are fully aware of what they are buying and then ZERO contracts would be conditional upon having those weird Inspectors from other states where the...

No deep sewer – you may have an ATU*

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*WHAT IS AN ATU?Properties where deep-sewerage is not available, and where the ground maybe too wet or simply unable to use the standard septic tanks; may have an Aeorbic Treatment Unit (ATU), which is a wastewater recycling system designed as an efficient two stage biological wastewater treatment plant, which also incorporates disinfection. It has been designed to produce a high quality effluent, which has Health Department approval to be used for reticulation of the non-edible leafy garden. Having these systems on a property...