COVID annexure or variation

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During the uncertainty of COVID lockdown, REIWA has a COVID annexure to cover the most limited initial COVID Events.

Risk management

This may be added as an “Annexure” to contract before it is accepted, but after acceptance, it would need to be signed by all parties of the contract as a “Variation” ie Seller & Buyer of Property Address, Contract Dated DD/MM/YYYY agree to vary the contract by incorporating the labeled COVID Annexure Z;

Signed & Dated: Seller X Buyer Y. Feel free to create and vary to your own variation to suit your specific needs – As this annexure is now a bit long in the tooth.

This is not legal advice merely an information service for educational purposes, you would best weigh up the options of seeking independent legal advice to your specific circumstance.

Feel Free to ask your Real Estate Agent about arranging what suits your needs, a sample may be found here:

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