Duties Lodgment and Assessment changes

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Duties document lodgment and assessment form 
As part of the Office of State Revenue’s strategy to increase our digital services a new duties document lodgment and assessment form will be available on our website from Monday 20 August 2018.
The new form will replace the carbon copy form previously used to lodge documents with the Commissioner for a duty assessment.
The new form must be completed by all lodging parties who lodge transactions for immediate assessment at the public counter, and to lodge physical documents for a Commissioner’s Assessment. A lodgment identification number (Bundle ID) will now be generated at the time the transaction is immediately assessed or lodged for assessment.

If you lodge your documents through the OSR Duties Lodgments portal you do not need to complete the new form. The online portal provides 24/7 access to all correspondence and duty endorsements as well as an automatically generated lodgment record.
Endorsement of transactions by certificates of duty 
All transactions presented to State Revenue for assessment from 20 August will be endorsed using a Certificate of Duty. This includes transactions presented for immediate assessment over the public counter.
A Date of Birth or ACN is required for the purchaser or transferee on all transactions involving land before the Certificate of Duty will be made available. This is consistent with transactions self-assessed or lodged with State Revenue through the online portal.
We recommend you use the updated applications forms available on our website, which have been amended to capture the Date of Birth and ACN details of the purchaser at the time the application form is completed.
Transitional Arrangements 
State Revenue will continue to accept the carbon copy form until 30 September 2018. After this date, all lodgments must be accompanied by the new lodgment form.
Contact information 
Visit our website at www.osr.wa.gov.au for information about our online services and general duties information.
You can also make an enquiry online, or contact us on (08) 9262 1100 for further information on the changes.

Source: 16th August 2018 AICWA e-Newsletter

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