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Land and water register and instructions

Land & Water City and Rural
A foreign person (including a temporary resident or a foreign non-resident) who has invested in the following must register their acquisition on the Land and water register:

  • Australian residential real estate – your acquisition must be recorded within 30 days of settlement (your right to occupy)
  • Australian agricultural land – your initial acquisition must be recorded with us within 30 days of the date of purchase and any further events must also be recorded with us within 30 days of the event
    see Agricultural Land Register for more information on what event you need to register.

  • interests in registrable water entitlements and contractual water rights, and certain changes in those interests. You may register at any time during the year (for example, when the event occurs), but no later than 30 days after the end of the financial year in which the event occurred
    see Water register for more information on when to register.

Use this form to register residential, agricultural land or water entitlements. There is no cost involved in registering.

Start your Land and water registration

How to complete this form;
Use the Print-friendly version button on each page to print or save this form to your own device for record-keeping purposes. You can’t save the online version of this form and resume it at a later date.

If there are errors on the form, a message will be displayed so you can correct the information. You cannot submit a form with errors.

You must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*).

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