Foreign Buyers Duty Surcharge

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Foreign Buyers Duty 
The Duties Amendment (Additional Duty for Foreign Persons) Bill 2018 (‘the Bill’) was second read into Parliament on 13 June 2018. The Bill operates to amend the Duties Act 2008 (‘Duties Act’) to impose additional duty on certain transactions involving foreign persons or entities acquiring residential property in Western Australia.
These amendments are subject to the passing of the Bill by Parliament and the granting of Royal Assent. The changes are proposed to come into effect on 1 January 2019.
The information provided in this circular is not an exhaustive explanation of the amendments, and reference should be made to the Bill and the Explanatory Memorandum available on the Western Australian Parliament website.
Duty Training Sessions
AICWA will be liaising with OSR to deliver training opportunities to facilitate the Foreign Buyer Duty remittance. Stay tuned for more!

Source:10th October 2018 AICWA e-Newsletter

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