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Insure your most valued asset

Title Insurance
Provides insurance for risks inherent in real estate ownership.

www.firsttitle.com.au or www.stewartau.com or get a quote here.

PEXA or e-settlement (electronic settlement) A.K.A 'e-conveyancing'

We are a PEXA subscriber Call us now to complete your settlement in the e-settlement world. NB all Parties to your transaction including your lenders must be able to participate in the 'e-settlement' environment to be able to proceed. You can do your part by ensuring that you obtain your VOI and Client Authorisation Form this will enable us towards being PEXA ready for your settlement.

More info can be found at http://pexa.com.au or at http://www.arnecc.gov.au

Are we completing your settlement in PEXA, if so why not sign up to keep track of your e-settlement with settleme.pexa.com.au

Water (Department)
You will need to apply here to have any water license enquiries & transfer


Water (bore etc) do you need a licence to take water?


Weather Forecast from Bureau of Meteorology
Check the weather for the move day

State or Perth or Region by Map

Download PDFs

  • Moving Home checklist

  • 6 Simple Steps

  • Auspost ID verification form (A1 conveyancing use only)

  • Client Authorisation for e-settlement

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