Land Tax: that time of year.

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Information for settlement agents
Source: 10/5/2018 Department of Finance website HERE
“The formal billing schedule for land tax assessments is generally between October and December each year. As such, a ‘Certificate of Land Tax Charges’ issued prior to an assessment will always be an estimate.
Consider whether any exemptions may apply to the property being sold.

Single ownership rate of land tax
A ‘Certificate of Land Tax Charges’ will include both the proportionate land tax and the single ownership figure. If you are a managing agent, the latter can also be obtained by inserting the unimproved valuation of the land and the appropriate assessment year into the land tax calculator.
If a ‘Certificate of Land Tax Charges’ is issued for a property with a memorial registered under section 76 of the Taxation Administration Act 2003, please contact the Recovery Branch to obtain important information.”

Source: 10th May 2018 AICWA e-Newsletter

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