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Linked Seller – Buy Tips


As Both a Seller & Buyer for Real Estate property in Western Australia, you are probably looking for a stress free, no worries deal in selling a property you own, to buy a new lifestyle adventure, from making an offer to sell, and all the way till confirmed as both being settled.

If you have a property being sold that you simply want gone, You have to consider that the both buyers and seller are within their rights to negotiate and enter into a contract. But once signed and accepted, that contract is legally binding. So linking both the settlements to coincide, might be a requirement for you.

So bear in mind that standard Offer and Acceptance can have a small change in wording or missing one or two words that can flip your deal into a nightmare. More FAQ here.

Depositing your entire savings egg.

Recent news have seen fraudsters intercept unencrypted digital communications, and result in misdirected deposit, then loss of funds. We suggest a simple two (2) step verification be done.

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