More Paper Forms for Buyers to complete post 1/1/19

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Foreign Buyers Duty
For transactions executed on or after 1 January 2019, an additional 7% duty will be chargeable on the dutiable value of certain acquisitions of residential property by foreign buyers.
Each person acquiring land in Western Australia must complete a foreign buyers declaration form HERE declaring whether they are a foreign person.
The Online Duties system will be modified to allow self-assessment of most dutiable transactions that are chargeable with foreign buyers duty.
Residential property 
For the purposes of the foreign buyers duty, residential property is –
1. land in Western Australia that is, or is capable of being, or is intended to be, used solely or dominantly for residential purposes;
2. vacant or substantially vacant land that is zone solely for residential purposes; or
3. any estate of interest in land described in (1) or (2).
Foreign person 
A foreign person includes a foreign individual, corporation or trust.
See the foreign transfer duty HERE and foreign landholder duty fact sheets HERE for information about foreign persons and residential property.
Exemptions or nominal transfer duty 
Most dutiable transactions that would be eligible for nominal duty or an exemption from transfer duty will also be exempt from foreign buyers duty. This includes certain transactions involving family court orders and matrimonial agreements, deceased estate transactions and partitions of residential property.
Customer education 
Face-to-face customer education sessions commenced in December 2018. Visit our OSR’s education page to register now for upcoming sessions HERE.
Foreign buyer duty publications, frequently asked questions and other support material is available HERE
For more information on foreign buyers duty, see the legislation available on the Western Australian Parliament website HERE
Watch the Video HERE

Source: 19th December 2018 AICWA e-Newsletter

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