More RCD’s in new buildings from 1/1/19

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AICWA members will be aware that since 2007, all new residential premises must be fitted with at least two RCD’s (as per AS/NZS standard 3000:2007)
For all domestic dwellings built before 2007, the vendor must arrange for the RCD’s to be installed before transfer of title or prior to the renting/leasing of the premises.
A new version of AS/NZS 300 was released on June 26th. ASNZS 3000:2018 will commence on January 1st 2019.
The new standard requires an RCD to be installed on every final sub circuit in the electrical installation of a residential premises. This includes circuits protecting hard-wired appliances such as ovens, air conditioners, etc. This affects all new residential building works and will result in more RCD’s being installed. The requirement is not retrospective and will apply only to dwellings built after January 1st 2019.

Source: 6th December 2018 AICWA e-Newsletter

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