Moving or relocating across WA regions -travel exemption COVID-19

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Due to the COVID-19 state regional restrictions as of midnight 31/3/2020 ( if you are moving across regions (within WA) to travel to your new home…

Clients Who Are Relocating Across Regions or the BOUNDARY CHECK WA COVID-19 regional boundary restrictions


UPDATE: 1 May 2020  visit the above WA.Gov.Au link to get your ‘G2GPass’ and app on the above link.

SUPERCEDED: 01/04/2020:AICWA have been advised that anyone wishing to travel across regions, including people relocating must send any requests for travel exemptions to

SUPERSEDED 31/3/2020: The AICWA has been advised by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection that the Police Superintendent responsible for the regional travel restrictions initiative has granted a general exemption for home buyers/sellers who wish to relocate as they are “traveling home” albeit to a new home.
In order to further strengthen against any doubt as to why a buyer/seller is relocating the AICWA recommends you advise clients to retain a signed copy of the Contract of Sale (O&A). A situation where this may be useful is where the client is traveling separately to their belongings and may be required to substantiate their travel.


For those needing to cross into WA State border, this may be of assistance…



  • Roger Hogben says:

    Just for your info, I emailed the listed address and were advised that there were no permits as such. I also contacted the hotline and was advised the discretion to move between regions was totally up to the persons / officers manning the checkpoints.

    • Damien McDonnell says:

      Hi Roger,

      Thank-you for your taking some time and providing your information and input.

      We note your IP address indicates that you are in the state of Victoria, this blog information is mainly directed for those who need to move within the State of WA but across newly enforced boundary regions.
      There is an additional link for those seeking WA border entry exemptions too.

      As you may appreciate things can change rapidly so best to goto to the source wherever possible.

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