Private sale or purchase and need an O&A form..?

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This “Contract for Sale of Land or Strata Title by Offer and Acceptance” form is owned by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA).  REIWA used to supply the form to major newsagents like Newspower. Some might still have stock but if experiencing difficulty try the REIWA Stationery Shop (based in Subiaco) directly.  The number is +61 8 9380 8222 or email your order with Credit card details and return postal address on “stationery” at “” 

Bear in mind that you will also require the Joint Form of General Conditions for each party of the contract. (ie seller & buyer) If you are transacting on a strata titled lot you also need the “form 29” and schedules along with the “form 28” disclosure form which they can also supply.

If you are selling or would like additional information about a property, the government department of commerce recommend to try the Landgate Property Interest Report (P.I.R) from (

Contact A1 Conveyancing to discuss your title transaction needs.

The New 2018 Versions are also made available from AICWA to the industry via ‘O&A’s
We’ve restocked with O&A’s and Joint Forms. Orders can be processed online HERE

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