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A caution to people in the real-estate market when shopping for a cheap settlement agent service. Cutting costs on an already reasonably priced service can be playing roulette with one of your biggest life transactions. 

The expression “you get what you pay for” is very apt for the settlement service industry. Problems frequently arise when costs are slashed as staffing and service levels are compromised to make up for the lack of funds. Less experienced and unqualified staff can be handling your settlement, compromising the effective execution of the many procedural matters that regularly arise with this important legal and financial transaction. It is important to ask your settlement agent who will be handling your transaction. 

Just like the medical profession, Conveyancers are a service based profession where more experienced and qualified staff rightly command a higher fee. The reality is that your settlement will usually be done more efficiently and effectively and this is results in savings on your stress and pocket. 

At A1 Conveyancing, we are so confident in our excellent service levels that we offer all our clients a money back guarantee on the professional fee. 

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