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Talking Property 
The AICWA will this weekend kick off its summer radio advertising campaign on Harvey Deegan’s  “talking property” on 6PR 882.  Those familiar with the show will know it’s one of the most popular programs on property. REIWA, Landgate and a host of property experts including our very own John Clarey regularly take to the airwaves to answer questions.  
Hear the ad campaign HERE
The Radio ad is aimed at driving listeners (and their family & friends) to use our “Find a Conveyancer” search engine. We want to drive referrals to our Members.
Over the coming weeks we will monitor web visits to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. In 2017 we hope to announce some awesome news on how we will expand on our ability to drive referrals to you. As an AICWA member we owe it to you!  

An AICWA member recently advised that a CPD trainer to the real-estate profession had given the impression that no referral of services can be made in any circumstances. This is incorrect. Real-estate agents/sales reps are not in breach of either the Real-estate Agents or the Settlement Agents Code of Conduct if they refer the purchaser or vendor to a settlement agent.    
In many circumstances referring is seen as recognition of trusted and respected settlement services. While clients have the right to choose their own settlement agent they should not dismiss the advice of a trusted real-estate agent/sales rep.
And it goes without saying that you can trust that an AICWA member will get the job done professionally.      

It is important to note that a real-estate agent/sales rep cannot request or receive a payment or other reward in respect of the referral of work to a settlement agent. A request will be considered to be a breach of the Act.  This applies to real estate agents, finance brokers and any other person that demands payment in return for referring clients to a settlement agency. The penalties are set out in the Act (If a person is convicted of an offence), and this will include other people that are interested or involved in the commission of the offence, may each be liable to a penalty not exceeding $20,000.00.

In an article published by the AICWA, authored by Mr Matthew Ellis (Director- MGB Legal) on September 2015 it was advised that:
“If a settlement agent is asked to provide rewards for the referral of matters to them, it would be prudent for them to advise the referred of the possible penalties that could ensue for such practices, and the settlement agent must consider the possible consequences for themselves, including for a second offence, the loss of their licence.”

Source: AICWA Newsletter 24 November 2016

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