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Terms and Conditions


Harmful Code means any form of harmful surreptitious code or other contaminants, including viruses, bugs, trojan horses, spyware or adware.

Loss means loss, damage, cost or expense (to any person or property) including consequential or indirect loss or any loss of profits, data or revenue.

Agency means any agency (including departments) of the A1 Conveyancing.

You and your means the user of a1conveyancing.com.au and its service(s).

Our, us and we means the A1 Conveyancing represented by its directors or staff.

Cybersecurity Policy” EMAIL WARNING:
Our practice A1 Conveyancing will NEVER use email or other correspondence to send, receive or request Private, Secure Information about Conveyancing Matters this Includes Bank Account Details, Contact Numbers, or any Personal Details Pertaining to your Purchase or Sale.

To avoid being Caught in Phishing or other Scams if you receive an email or other correspondence from our firm asking for any of this Information Please “DO NOT RESPOND and Contact our Office Immediately by Phone.”

A1 Conveyancing will NOT Change the Firms BSB & Account Numbers, if changes did occur our Office would Inform you by post (on our letterhead) and “Verbally” by Phone from the Principal and never by email or other correspondence.

Any Payments requested from A1 Conveyancing, Clients are required first to Phone and confirm with the Principal Damien McDonnell Before payment to “Verify” the Transaction is Legitimate and Authorised from Our Office. You may optionally prefer to confirm details via Secure Portal ‘Setts Hub’ when made available &/Or make a small deposit and check if received within 3 business days.

Setts+ Hub process;
To ensure that your funds are disbursed in accordance with your instructions we require your Bank Account to undergo a verification service to ensure that we have your correct Bank Account.

Please complete the following process to register:
  1. Please login to https://www.settshub.com.au using your credentials and select from the left hand side of the panel Bank Verification and then select Verify Account.
  2. You will be required to enter your nominated BSB, Account number.
  3. You will receive on your mobile a verification code which you will be asked to enter.
  4. A deposit will be made to that nominated account.
  5. If your bank supports the National Payment Platform the deposit will appear on your bank statement immediately, otherwise you may need to wait for 1 to 2 business days for the deposit to show.
  6. The description line will contain a 10 character reference or HUB Code prefixed with HC.
  7. Make note of the Hub Code and complete the details below, sign and return to our office.

PLEASE NOTE: A1 Conveyancing Will NOT Accept Liability for any Breach of your Personal Security, Bank Account or Funds Transfer if you Provide these Details via Email or Other Correspondence.

In a move to a fairer ‘user pays’ pricing model- A competitive base Settlement Fee has been set for Property sale and purchase market value price brackets with surcharges applicable as used, rather than apply an excessive hourly rate for the normal additional work.

Settlement Fee means the reward claimed as professional Settlement fee for Settlement service component provided. It excludes Government, other fees, Surcharges, disbursements or third party fees and charges.

Strata Surcharge is where property is a Strata (AKA Purple) titled property.

Meeting Surcharge fee if requested for a face to face meeting to explain or go through settlement procedures &/ paperwork.

Verification of Identity fee applies if an inhouse or the additional ‘come to you’ service is requested. There is no need to request this if your VOI and CAF have already done by an Outside but authorised ID agent -best practice is to ensure that your Client Authorisation Form (CAF) witnessed by same identifier.

High Touch/Communications – refers to communication blocks numbering upto ten (10) communications in each block. ie both in and out is one (1) communication, however followups and reissues also count as additional communications – best to act sooner on the required paperwork to avoid excess communications.

File handling -refers for opening and/closing a file whether settled or not, as this still does accrue time, effort and or expense.

GST handling -refers to extra effort and work involved in dealing with GST on residential property if required on each basis.

Difficulty Handling Levy refers to each change from the initial quote as an amount of extra work which was not included in the original scope of work/client disclosure -being requested by client.

Satisfaction is deemed as met, on completion of service.


a1conveyancing.com.au is managed by the Directors or Staff. Your use of a1conveyancing.com.au is deemed to be your acceptance of these Terms of Use. Please read them carefully.

These terms of use are governed by the laws of the State of Western Australia, Australia and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Western Australia.

If any of these terms of use are held to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal for any reason, the remaining terms of use will continue in full force.

These terms of use do not negate any terms or conditions that apply to your use of any other website.

We may revise these terms and conditions from time to time. Please check our website.

Please contact us if you have any questions, problems or feedback regarding the terms of use.

Lawful purposes

You agree to use a1conveyancing.com.au only for lawful purposes, and in a manner that does not infringe the rights of or restrict or inhibit the use and enjoyment of a1conveyancing.com.au by any third party. This includes conduct which is unlawful or which may harass or cause distress or inconvenience to any person, the transmission of obscene or offensive content or disruption to a1conveyancing.com.au.

You must not post or transmit via a1conveyancing.com.au any unlawful, defamatory, obscene, offensive or scandalous material, or any material that constitutes or encourages conduct that would contravene any law.


Your use of a1conveyancing.com.au does not:
affect or reduce any obligation owed to you by any Agency; or
reduce any obligation you owe to any Agency.
The a1conveyancing.com.au website is not a substitute for independent professional advice and you should obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances. You must exercise your own judgement and carefully evaluate the material on a1conveyancing.com.au. Please read the full disclaimer statement.

Linked websites

We take reasonable care in linking a1conveyancing.com.au to other websites but we have no direct control over the content presented in those websites or the availability of those websites. Any information on a linked website is provided ‘As Is’.

We make no representation that the material on any linked websites does not infringe the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any person. We do not authorise the reproduction of such material.

We do not endorse or recommend any links to external websites, or third party content, including products and services offered by, from or through those websites or their content.


We strive to protect information you provide on a1conveyancing.com.au. We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that a1conveyancing.com.au and your information are not compromised. However, we cannot guarantee that no Harmful Code will enter a1conveyancing.com.au. You should be aware of the risks associated with using websites.

We recommend that you use appropriate and up-to-date firewall and anti-virus software to protect your computer systems.
Where connection to a system or website outside our control compromises the objectives of a1conveyancing.com.au, we may sever links to that website or system.


For more information about how we protect your privacy and personal information, please see our privacy policy.
We do not share information about you with other government agencies without your permission unless it:
is necessary to provide you with a service that you have requested
is required or authorised by law
will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody’s health.

Linking policy

We use the following criteria to select the links that are included on this site:

The content must be authentic. a1conveyancing.com.au will primarily link to government and or 3rd party content or websites known to be sponsored by the A1 Conveyancing. Every effort is made to ensure the links are as current and as complete as possible, however due to the consistent process of change on government websites there will inevitably be a small amount of out-of-date or missing content at any point of time.

The content should be up-to-date and accurate. Links will be made in good faith with the expectation that the content is appropriately maintained by the author and is timely and accurate. However, we can offer no guarantees of this.

Please note that there are some exceptions:

Not all sites indexed by a1conveyancing.com.au have a ‘.gov.au’ suffix. Examples of exceptions include csiro.au and abc.net.au. Generally, activities funded by the A1 Conveyancing on an on-going basis may be considered for inclusion and notification of a new site can be made from the contact us form.

Privately sponsored sites, for example those maintained by political parties for politicians, are not included. However, Parliamentarians’ personal pages maintained by the Australian Parliament House website, aph.gov.au, are fully indexed by the a1conveyancing.com.au search engine. All online material of ministers that is contained on official .gov.au ministerial websites is also included in the a1conveyancing.com.au search index.

A1 Conveyancing agencies can inform a1conveyancing.com.au of new sites or pages for inclusion in the a1conveyancing.com.au indexes using the contact us form.

Linking to this site

All Australian, state, territory and local government and Western Australian websites may link to this site.

You may link to this website as long as you do not:

  • imply that the A1 Conveyancing endorses your website or product
  • use a1conveyancing.com.au solely for commercial practices
  • change the content of the material technically (eg the material is presented in a frame so that users are unable to determine the location of the original material).
  • We may ask you to remove the link from your website if these conditions are not met.

Last updated: 13 April 2015

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