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Five Points to consider when interests rates are low…

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Favourable interest rates are a borrower’s best friend, but should you lock in a low rate or go with a variable rate? Here are five things to consider. 1. How low can rates go?Interest rates are at historically low levels and the current outlook suggests there may be further cuts in the medium-term future. If you lock in your rate now, you won’t reap the benefits of later decreases. The question is: how low do you think the rate will...

What is best for you?

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Do you prefer personal service and guidance: remove the stress with your property settlement, by surrounding yourself with experienced professionals to guide you on your important property transaction… Is online the way to go for property settlements? It’s probably something that most property buyers would know, but a report from PwC Australia has confirmed that buying or selling a house can be a stressful experience.  The report, commissioned by Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), revealed that one in three people are...

State budget changes impacting WA property

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2015/16 Western Australian State Budget The Western Australian State Budget was handed down on 14 May 2015. The Budget Papers are available here. Details of the new revenue measures are provided below. Amendments to the Land Tax Scale From 2015-16, the land tax scale will be revised to: apply a flat dollar amount of $300 to taxable land with an unimproved value above the exemption threshold of $300,000 and up to $420,000; increase land tax rates (except the top rate, which...

No deep sewer – you may have an ATU*

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*WHAT IS AN ATU?Properties where deep-sewerage is not available, and where the ground maybe too wet or simply unable to use the standard septic tanks; may have an Aeorbic Treatment Unit (ATU), which is a wastewater recycling system designed as an efficient two stage biological wastewater treatment plant, which also incorporates disinfection. It has been designed to produce a high quality effluent, which has Health Department approval to be used for reticulation of the non-edible leafy garden. Having these systems on a property...

E-Conveyancing is merely e-settlement

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E-conveyancing as touted by PEXA is coming to WA soon, but just to clarify some points of misconception around e-conveyancing in Perth WA; Nomenclature; the misnamed “e-conveyancing” does not encompass the entire process of transferring property into some other persons name. Merely the electronic equivalent of the final stage of the conveyancing process often referred to as “settlement” which includes booking, title check, attending settlement, lodging title forms, and funds distribution. Thus more apt term would be “e-settlement”. That process (at least in current manual process)...

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