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Structural Defects Notice-Template

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Need to serve Structural Defects Notice? Find the most suitable version, adjust it to suit your contract & needs- sample of your template may be found; https://www.inspectwa.org.au/static/media/12%20Structural%20Defects%20Notices.c0bab80e.pdf

REIWA Announcement 2022 Contract (O&A) & JFGC

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Updates to the Joint Form and Offer and AcceptanceThe 2022 General Conditions and the new contract for the sale of land have been released today.The Offer and Acceptance has also been updated with a revised format that will be easier to use.The amended finance condition permits the buyer to apply for finance through a lender or a mortgage broker. The mortgage broker has the ability to provide notification of finance approval, non-approval or rejection.All forms that have referred to the...

WA Duplicate Titles are still going -TLA amended

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Further streamlining to conveyancing in WA as amendments pass Parliament The passing of the Transfer of Land Amendment Act 2021 (TLAA) in Parliament yesterday (16-06-2022) will further improve and streamline conveyancing in Western Australia, as the state continues to advance electronic conveyancing. Once brought into effect, the amended Transfer of Land Act 1893 will:• Remove duplicate certificates of title from WA’s titling system • Enable the service of notices electronically• Clarify the definition of counterpart documentsThe TLAA provisions will take...


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Property transactions in WA need to be evidenced in-writing, The majority of properties bought & sold in Western Australia (WA) are done using a process of Offer & Acceptance. A Buyer makes an offer to purchase a property, normally with some conditions attached (finance approval, building inspection, etc.), and the Seller either accepts it, rejects it, or may make a counter-offer. If the selling agent is a member of REIWA, of which the majority are, the offer will be written...

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