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Even BankWest are using e-signing for documents now

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Bankwest Branch inside branch Serving Customers

Bankwest introduces e-signing for home loans Digital signing service can slash home loan application times, bank says By Rohan Pearce (Computerworld) 12 August, 2019 14:14 A digital signing service will potentially reduce home loan application times from almost a fortnight to a matter of days, Bankwest says. The bank today said that it had rolled out e-signing for loan documents. The service supports signatures using a smartphone or a PC. “Customer needs are changing fast and we’re prioritising investment in...

How to Zip and password protect your email attachments

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A1 Conveyancing encourages you to stay secure online. Handy Article on how to password protect your email attachments.     Create Password Protect Zip File in Mac By Xyla, Last updated: April 29, 2019 Having a password protect on all the zip files on your Mac is not actually a difficult thing to do. This method will not require you to have any add-ons or you do not have to download anything. Instead of this, you can just easily use...

Have you considered some Loan saving tips

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It’s been two months since the RBA started cutting rates, here’s what you should have done by now Lucy Dean Yahoo Finance 6 August 2019 It’s been nine weeks since the Reserve Bank of Australia began its campaign of rate cuts, and if you haven’t been making the most of it, you’re looking at thousands of dollars down the drain. The RBA cut rates by 0.25 per cent both in June and July, bringing the official interest rate to a record low...

A1 Conveyancing is Secured by fellow Perth West Australian CyberSecurity products

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A1 Conveyancing has engaged World class Cybersecurity products that have been developed right here in WA. Aimed at protecting you in your most VIP Conveyancing or Settlement transaction! BankVault.com (Perth Western Australian startup company) is used to safely and securely log-on to your ONLINE world. Used properly it securely hides your online actions like login details & password entry. It is able to bypass hackers & sniffers trying to capture your login, password, credit card, bitcoin wallet, etc details. Especially...

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