User pay model is a hit.

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Due to the popularity of our spring special, we are changing our pricing structure away from the Antiquated Settlement Scale Fee and adopting a fairer ‘user pay’ model.

The move to a fairer ‘user pay’ pricing model- uses a competitive base Settlement Fee set for the basic straight forward Property Sale and Purchase based on market value price brackets, with capped surcharges applicable as required, rather than apply an excessive hourly rate for the ‘outside of normal’/additional work.

Settlement Fee means the reward claimed as professional Settlement fee for the base Settlement service component provided. It excludes Government, other fees, Surcharges, disbursements or third party fees and charges.

Strata Surcharge applies to cover the extra work involved where property is a Strata (AKA Purple) titled property.

Meeting Surcharge fee is applicable where a ‘face to face’ meeting to explain or go through settlement procedures &/ paperwork.

Verification of Identity fee applies if an in-house or the additional ‘come to you’ service is requested to provide this. There is no need to request this if your VOI and CAF have already done by an Outside but authorised ID agent. -Best practice is to ensure that your Client Authorisation Form (CAF) is witnessed by same identifier.

High Touch/Communications – refers to communication blocks numbering upto ten (10) communications in each block. ie both in and out is one (1) communication, however followups and reissues also count as additional communications – best to act sooner on the required paperwork to avoid excess communications.

File handling -refers for opening and/closing a file whether settled or not, as this still does accrue time, effort and or expense.

GST Withholding handling -refers to extra effort and work involved in dealing with GST on residential property withholding ATO forms required on each basis.

Difficulty Handling Levy refers to each change from the initial quote as an amount of extra work which was not included in the original scope of work/client disclosure -being requested by client.

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