Verified ID to include Buyers & Caveats starting 28/8/17

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All parties of a Landgate Transfer or Caveat (including withdrawal) documents will need to have verified ID starting 28 August 2017 but in full compliance by 28 February 2018.

Self represented parties Verified ID will have an increased cost to consider from 28/8/17.


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Change to Registrar and Commissioner of Titles’ Joint Practice: Verification of Identity and Authority – fraud mitigation
As foreshadowed and as part of their fraud mitigation strategy, the Western Australian Commissioner of Titles and the Registrar of Titles have updated their Joint Practice for Verification of Identity and Authority (VOI Practice) for paper-based transactions. The updated VOI Practice more closely aligns to the requirements for national electronic transactions.  The changes seek to improve the integrity of information in the Western Australian Land Titles Register, reduce the risk of fraud and improper dealings, and remove confusion for customers and agents operating in both electronic and paper environments.
The key changes to the VOI Practice will:

  • extend the requirement for verification of identity to property buyers and caveators lodging and withdrawing caveats
  • update the categories of documents needed to support verification of identity
  • update the procedures for conducting verification of identity in a foreign country
  • improve the procedures for self-represented parties.

The Land Titles Registration Policy and Procedure Guides for the updated VOI Practice will be available from 28 August 2017.
These changes come into effect on 28 August 2017.  To give practitioners time to adjust their processes and procedures, they will not be required to fully comply until 28 February 2018.  We recommend practitioners use the transitional period to implement the changes as soon as possible.
Documents executed before, and lodged on or after 28 February 2018 should comply with the updated VOI Practice.

Self-represented parties
VOI Practice for self-represented parties is also changing.
The Registrar of Titles will continue to issue Verification of Identity Statements for self-represented parties who have been identified by Australia Post on or before 27 August 2017.
From 28 August 2017, the Registrar of Titles will not provide the Verification of Identity Statement for self-represented parties. The Registrar of Titles has authorised Australia Post to undertake all aspects of the verification of identity and authority to deal for self-represented parties.  The Verification of Identity Statement will be printed on Australia Post letterhead and signed by an authorised officer and should be included in the documents lodged for registration or noting with Landgate. Australia Post will separately report information on the statements issued to Landgate.

Verification of identity services available from 28 August 2017 at participating Australia Post Offices will be:

*all fees are set by Australia Post.

All forms will be available from the Australia Post website along with more information for self-represented parties from the date of implementation.
The Commissioner and Registrar appreciate your cooperation to continue to apply their VOI Practice and your continued vigilance to protect and strengthen the Western Australian Land Titles system.

Dione Billick Susan Dukes
Delegate of Registrar of Titles Commissioner of Titles

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