WA Certificates of Title to become redundant

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How the WA State Government is making it easier for property owners to fast track their settlements and refinancing

The WA state government via Landgate has put forward a bill that has made your PAPER Duplicate Certificate of Title (record of your property ownership) invalid.

What does this mean for WA property owners? The proposal is to make e-conveyancing or digital settlements and refinances easier for those people that have lost their duplicate Certificate of Titles. Previously clients without these papers had to incur additional costs and timely efforts to complete their e-settlement or paper title transactions.

Once the “Transfer of Land Amendment Bill 2018” is proclaimed by the State parliament, property owners will no longer be required to produce their Certificates of Title with Settlement and refinances.

However, until the bill is sanctioned, if you can not locate your property Duplicate Certificate of Title (paper), we at A1 Conveyancing are always happy to continue assisting you with your preparation and completion of lost title applications for your important settlements.

We also offer access to Title Insurance for any concerned owners that may be worried by the reform.

Policy of Title Insurance

This has already happened in Queensland and other states towards national alignment.


Queensland Certificates of Title to become redundant

and https://www.wilsonlawyers.net.au/cts-redundant/

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