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As the nation gears up for another federal election, REIWA is calling on all parties contesting the election to ensure Western Australia is given a voice during the setting of national policies.

East-coast-centric policies do not have the desired effects here in the West. Time and time again we’ve seen WA overly relied upon when times are good and ignored when we are doing it tough. 
Recently, efforts to cool house prices in Sydney and Melbourne have negatively impacted the WA housing market, prolonging WA’s market downturn.

WA must have a voice in the national debate. We cannot afford for national policies to be a handbrake to our state’s growth.
So during this federal election, we will be asking “What about WA?
REIWA invites you to support the campaign by championing where our advocacy efforts align. Together we can create meaningful change and we encourage you to view REIWA campaign website.

​1st April 2019 AICWA eNewsletter

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