When writing Settlement Date as due x days from condition- please add one considerate word ‘notice’.

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Just a tip for the Real Estate Offer and Acceptance Authors:

When the settlement date mentions “x days from Finance Approval” please add one word “notice” so that the countdown to the settlement date can then begin once the seller or their agent actually receives the notice. 

As some Brokers/Lenders/Buyers often forget or are simply unaware they should immediately forward the approval notice to the Seller’s side so they can also prepare for the settlement date. 

Without ‘notice’ mentioned in settlement date x days from… would likely mean the count down from the date of the actual approval which has already started before the Seller even obtains the notice. 

This may leave both parties of the contract frazzled, stressed, and frustrated in the last minute rush towards the settlement date. So please consider adding the word “notice” next time you write “X days from some condition being met”. 

Thank-you for taking notice. 😉 
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